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About Laddersafe

Laddersafe is a fully certified, multi-purpose ladder safety attachment that can be fitted in under a minute, without the need for additional tools.

This revolutionay product makes using a conventional ladder significantly safer. Fitted securely onto your ladder until you wish to remove it, the product adds a large amount of additional stability, allowing you to use your ladder more confidently for previously ‘unsteady’ activities, such as stepping back onto the ladder from a flat roof.

Constructed from lightweight, strong and durable materials, our product attaches to any standard ladder. All of the materials have been selected to offer the upmost safety in any situation, and work alongside your body weight to secure a ladder even in the most challenging of environments.

Fulfill both your own safety needs and health and safety legislation with the use of our fully certified, patented ladder safety solution.

KEY features

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Ladder Safe

Our Ladder Safety solution is the perfect tool for both residential and commercial use.

LadderSafe offers peace of mind to anyone who climbs heights on a daily basis, and is suitable for a range of demanding jobs including electrical engineers, alarm/CCTV installers, surveyors / site inspectors, local authorities, agricultural tasks and construction sites.

Delivery is free within the UK, and discounts are available for multiple quantity purchases.

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